Do you ever have the feeling that it is only you who wants things to be different?

That you want to bang your head against the wall in order to bring some common sense to our communities, countries and the world?

Do you feel unsupported or isolated where you stand?

Women of the world, unite to make a difference!

Being concerned about the state of the world we created worldwomen, a charitable trust and forum, for women to share knowledge, look at issues differently and question the status quo.

We have invited some extremely interesting women speakers from diverse backgrounds to our first conference, worldwomen17, to be held in Auckland on 17-19 March 2017. 

Education, health and business –  our hot conference topics.

Come to worldwomen17 and be inspired by powerful local and international women who are already manifesting change in education, in health and in business.  We will discuss these areas and explore new ways of being, new possibilities and would love for you to join us in those conversations.

Why New Zealand?  

We believe there is no country in the world too small to make a difference. In New Zealand women have always been very strong and influential. Originally it was Māori & Pākehā women who were fighting for women’s rights in New Zealand back in the 1800’s – now we are fortunate enough in New Zealand to have many other cultures also living here, bringing their perspective, and continuing the campaign for women’s rights.  Our goal is to further enable and strengthen all women, encouraging collaboration for our common goals.

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