Creativity and cause - letting the cause pick you

by Lindy Nelson
I’ve been pondering lately why is it that we get so connected to an idea, a belief, a cause? Why it is some people will persist, overcome setbacks and disappointments, and pour energy into a cause that really inspires them, while others share similar beliefs yet do not fully dedicate themselves to them? There are two reasons for my interest; making sense of my own dedication to my cause, and exploring the somewhat strange concept that you don’t actually pick causes or creativity, rather they pick you and there is a very good reason for this – it would appear...

100 years on, still waiting for equal pay

by Theresa Gattung
This column falls into the category of "I can't believe we are still talking about this stuff". Green MP Jan Logie's Private Member's Equal Pay Amendment Bill is due before Parliament today. New Zealand women are paid on average 12 per cent less an hour than men. Most of this difference can't be explained away by arguments such as education or time out of the workforce bringing up children. Women are getting paid less because they are women. And it's not getting any better. There has been no progress on closing the gap in recent years. Equal pay for jobs...

May Newsletter

Newsletter May 2017 Greetings – Kia ora koutou It is over a month since world women 17 and we have loved hearing your feedback, how the conference inspired and motivated you to be a catalyst for change, this is exactly the outcome we were hoping for. Many of you are also asking will there be another conference in 2018? We wanted to create awareness and action through world women 17, enable and create change, and in the remainder of 2017 and early 2018 we will be focusing our energies into three or four key areas as highlighted below. As we...

worldwomen17 follow up

Greetings – Kia ora koutou Thank you for joining us for an amazing weekend at world women 17. Seeing so many women connecting, laughing, dancing and crying was something very special. We really appreciate the lovely feedback you have given - we are incredibly humbled by all your praise and love! Our intention was to invite women as speakers who are changing the world through their initiatives. Their examples showed us that you do not have to be an achiever but an activator, following your "great hunger" as Dr Tererai Trent so wonderfully put it. The main point we wanted...

March Newsletter

Newsletter March 2017 Greetings – Kia ora koutou world women 17 is just around the corner and we’re working hard to put the finishing touches on what will be much more than just a conference. We see it as the beginning of a possible movement that we’d like you to be part of. As we celebrate International Women’s Day , here’s a special message from one of world women’s founders, Theresa Gattung. And speaking of celebrating women, 7 women who seriously wanted to attend world women 17 and reached out to us are able to do so due to the...

February Newsletter

Newsletter February 2017 Greetings – Kia ora koutou Our event, worldwomen17, is just around the corner. More than 400 women will connect with each other and our inspiring speakers to spark new ideas and action. It is exciting to be hosting this inaugural event that will take our dreams to a new level! We believe in the innate gifts of women - listening and thinking out of the box while being grounded at the same time. It is easy to live only ‘in our heads’, without a connection to our communities, and our families. This can leave us so easily...

January Newsletter

Newsletter January 2017 Greetings – Kia ora koutou With less than six weeks to go, momentum is building for world women 17 and we are getting very excited. When we started preparing for this event more than a year ago we could not foresee the urgency for women to unite, work together, stand up for each other and encourage each other around the globe. This is the moment to become active, the time is now! One of New Zealand's premier monthly magazines, Next, has featured two of our keynote speakers, Tererai Trent and Vicki Saunders , in the last two...

December Newsletter

Newsletter December 2016 Greetings – Kia ora koutou Another year is nearly over and what a year it was! The state of the world confirms that something needs to be done and that is why we started the World Women Charitable Trust. 12 months ago it was only an idea and now we have a confirmed conference date, venue and wonderful international and national speakers Today we are proud to tell you, that we have nearly 300 registrations. We have had great support from the media. In the January issue of NEXT magazine, released in New Zealand early December,...

Let's do our bit.

by Barbara Gabler
Dear all, I have been thinking a lot since the elections. The media did a lot to give Donald Trump's hatred publicity and were indulging in all the atrocity propaganda that was spread. All of us, wherever we live, woke up to a different world. It's now up to us to choose what to do.

Theresa Gattung, passionate businesswoman

by Philip Matthews
National portrait: November 12 2016, photo by Bevan Reid. Remember the early 2000s? They were good times. There was a moment when New Zealand pretty much seemed like it was run by women. We were grown up, enlightened, sensible. Helen Clark was Prime Minister, Dame Sian Elias was Chief Justice, Dame Silvia Cartwright was Governor-General, Margaret Wilson was Attorney-General and Theresa Gattung was Telecom's chief executive.