“We want to be a catalyst for women being inspired to manifest amazing outcomes and to create meaningful change in the world.”

worldwomen17 is about sharing a great experience with other women, to feel how powerful and strong women can be as a group. It’s about feeling how much joy and enthusiasm a group of women can create, along with solidarity and compassion. It does not mean that we want to take over, pushing others aside, we want to present different approaches. We are not paralysed looking at the state of the world, we love this world, we are grateful for our lives and we want to communicate this with other women. Love, compassion and joy are wonderful tools to start initiating a movement that works for us and it is so much more rewarding than the energy of fighting against others, who prevent us from being “whole”. An enemy image creates a short boost of energy – but we are stuck in reactive thinking instead of using our minds for proactive approaches.

Listening and sharing with other women will stimulate us ….

Barbara, Theresa and Chris

Speakers at this event

Leading New Zealand business personality, author, philanthropist.
Much sought after practitioner, teacher and speaker in the ground breaking work around intuitive healing.
Distinguished as Oprah Winfrey’s “All-Time Favorite Guest”.
Entrepreneur, award-winning mentor and Founder of SheEO.
Physician, Author, Speaker and Coach
Lawyer and founder of the Cambodia Charitable Trust.
Founder Agri-Women's Development Trust, Speaker, Writer
Associate Professor and leading kaupapa Māori educator, researcher.


ANZ Viaduct Events Centre Auckland, New Zealand