February Newsletter

February Newsletter

Post date: 23 February, 2017


Newsletter February 2017


Greetings – Kia ora koutou

Our event, worldwomen17, is just around the corner.  More than 400 women will connect with each other and our inspiring speakers to spark new ideas and action.

It is exciting to be hosting this inaugural event that will take our dreams to a new level!

We believe in the innate gifts of women - listening and thinking out of the box while being grounded at the same time.  It is easy to live only ‘in our heads’, without a connection to our communities, and our families.  This can leave us so easily out of touch.  It is often difficult to stay connected at a personal level in this age of technology which often leads us to solutions found on the internet or in our minds.

We, as worldwomen, want to be hands on - practical, proactive and working together to achieve new and different results. To not only talk and theorise about ideas but act to initiate change where we can.

This conference is not only about empowering us as individuals, it is also about creating a group of women that can work collaboratively to create meaningful change.  As powerful, capable, gifted and experienced women of all ages from all over the world, we aim to take responsibility for our future. Next month at worldwomen17, together we will look at systems that need change and that we can help change. 

We are looking forward to a more connected, inclusive and holistic way of operating that results in more sustainable and environmental collaboration.  We will share the perspectives of indigenous people such as leading kaupapa Māori educator and researcher Leonie Pihama.  How can we connect with and collectively care for our planet? 

We will look at how to find and experience true purpose, responsibility and satisfaction. This conference is not only about us, but all of humanity and the generations to come.

worldwomen17 will not repeat stories of old injustice; it will celebrate the possibilities we hold in our hands.  Rather than becoming stuck in our collective trauma, we want to move on to a new level, transforming our life experience to one of expertise and wisdom. As a female collective, we carry all the knowledge we need to turn the wheel around.

We live in exciting times. There are so many options for change and together we will explore creative and positive solutions for a world that desperately needs our love, determination and creativity.  

Please keep in touch with us by visiting our website, on Facebook www.facebook.com/worldwomennz and by following us on Twitter https://twitter.com/worldwomen17 

Thank you for choosing to join us at worldwomen17 - we can’t wait to welcome you on 17 March. 

If you would like to join us or would like to support another woman to attend, please go to http://www.worldwomen.org.nz/civicrm/event/register?id=1&reset=11

All the best - Nā mātou

Barbara Gabler, Theresa Gattung, Chris Woodwiss, Lindy Nelson