Let's do our bit.

Let's do our bit.

by Barbara Gabler
Post date: 17 November, 2016
Barbara Gabler

Dear all,

I have been thinking a lot since the elections.

The media did a lot to give Donald Trump's hatred publicity and were indulging in all the atrocity propaganda that was spread. 

All of us, wherever we live, woke up to a different world.

It's now up to us to choose what to do.

With our conference worldwomen17 we want to encourage women to stand up again and again and again. Lovingly and united. Not competing against each other but enabling each other.

We want to share that life is not about complaining about a broken system but to rethink realities. Do something FOR us and not fight AGAINST systems that are out of control anyway.

The skeletons are out of the cupboard, with all their ugliness and the hidden masks gone: we all feel the fear, the despair, the polarisation . A very scary feeling.

This is a call for us to live a life of active participation. worldwomen17 is our way to hopefully start a movement - to do something and not just feel paralysed and hopeless. 

Standing strong with my sisters actually gives me hope. Have a look again at our website www.worldwomen.org.nz - share it, like us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/worldwomennz, and twitter https://twitter.com/worldwomen17  Momentum can only be created with your support.

Last week has made it crystal clear to me, that we cannot postpone our actions. Life is always in the now and not tomorrow. 

Let's think about how we can make ourselves better to be good for the world.

Let's think about how we can make a difference because we know we matter.

Small steps.

Speaking with love.

Trusting the good in people.

Letting go of fear.

The earthquake in New Zealand has brought out the best in people.  From all over the country people offer their help.  Families offering shelter to now homeless people, food being cooked in the maraes (Maori meeting grounds) and the connection is human to human.

There is a lot of good in the world.

Let's do our bit.

Lots of love to all of you.