Barbara Gabler

Barbara Gabler

"When my grandfather grew up in today’s Poland, which was about one hundred years ago, most villages had a wise woman to whom people would turn when the doctor, the priest or the teacher were past their wits to solve more delicate problems – be it health, money or even trouble in the marriage. My great-grandfather’s sister was such a woman and my grandfather told amazing stories about her. Wise women knew skills that were beyond the limited capacities of the rational mind and they worked peacefully for the highest good of everybody in the village, using their intuitive and traditional knowledge.

I deeply believe that reviving these skills and accepting that a greater wisdom lives in all of us will make the world a better place and would solve a lot of current problems. We need wise women and I enjoy empowering women in activating the wisdom residing in them. I believe that the power of free women leads us to an open and equitable world."


Born in Vienna, Austria, Barbara grew up with her three younger siblings, experiencing and appreciating the freedom of a rural upbringing which nurtured her love of, and deep connection to, nature. These values have shaped her life’s work, commitment and direction.  Throughout her career she has focused on ecology and sustainable business utilising natural materials. 

Qualifying as an anthropologist at the University of Vienna she gained powerful insights and exposure to different cultures, life forms and healing modalities around the world. 

Her work as a medical intuitive healer in Europe and New Zealand has seen her become a sought-after practitioner, teacher and speaker in the ground breaking work around intuitive healing.

Barbara lives mainly in New Zealand, travelling to Europe on a regular basis.

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