About Us

About Us

We believe in women standing in their full power in private and public life.

We believe the unleashing of this energy in the company of like-minded women has the power to transform our world. 

Our vision for worldwomen is to provide a space in time to be inspired by powerful women who are already manifesting change – in education, in health, in business and to inspire and learn from each other.

New Zealand was the first country in the world to give women the vote. New Zealand is arguably the world leader in the way in which the indigenous people and later immigrants live harmoniously together recognising both collaboration and (separate) identity.

New Zealand is a very special place and perfect for the coming together of women on this journey on the planet at this time.


Leading New Zealand business personality, author, philanthropist.

Much sought after practitioner, teacher and speaker in the ground breaking work around intuitive healing.

Go to woman!

Founder Agri-Women's Development Trust, Speaker, Writer 

Director of Communications & Strategic Partnerships, Founder of Jo Brothers Media JoBrothers.com - Break through digital, social media strategies