Connect with the energy of love

Connect with the energy of love

by Barbara Gabler
Post date: 03 August, 2016

Dear All

Being a born and bred European I have come to love the idea of the European Union - I think of it as a big family (that can have issues, of course) but  I saw it as a unit who wants to tackle problems together, carry some weak members along until they are fit to run again and which stands for tolerance, human rights, anti-war, free business etc ... I enjoy crossing borders without showing a passport, especially at borders that threatened me during my youth; Hungary, The Czech Republic, etc.  It is such an enrichment to be able to travel without trouble and within hours you are in different worlds - listening to different languages, enjoying different cultures, life styles etc. I love it.

When we heard the result of Great Britain voting against the European Union, for the Brexit - my husband and I both cried. We were totally clear about the consequences - which became apparent in the following days. It was a black day for the European ideal, for the markets, for people who believe in a common humanity. The United Kingdom might not be united any longer - it might fall into pieces within a year.

The refugees and migrants have been blamed for the outcome - as at the moment these people are used all over Europe to polarise society ... but they have human rights, defined by the United Nations: the right to seek asylum if you are not safe in your home country, and this is obvious as images of Syria have been well broadcast.

Here is a request from a friend who was born in the UK:

Dear Barbara,

I have a request.  Since the UK Referendum result, there has been a large increase in racist offences in the UK – and there has been a large outpouring of love to all peoples of all ethnicities and migration status.  I would like to ask that we connect with the energy of love – of course!

Let us connect with the energy of love.  This is the most important thing we can do - in whatever situation. Let us trust that love will overcome ignorance and fear.

Lots of love to all of you