The human right for everybody to feel safe

The human right for everybody to feel safe

by Barbara Gabler
Post date: 03 August, 2016

Dear All

Sometimes listening to the news makes me feel sad, even hopeless.

I realise that people, especially young men who don't feel grounded and safe, who have no place where they belong to, whose root chakra might be traumatised - inadvertently get to the crown chakra - the demon of which is religious extremism and the rage against people who are disbelievers ... etc.

So I focus on the human right for everybody to feel safe, to have a place where he/she belongs to.

The work of the Cambodian Charitable Trust helps children, especially girls, to feel safe and to have an education . Our friend Denise Arnold is a relentless worker for the Trust, which she founded. Here is the website for the Cambodia Charitable Trust

We can do something to make the world a better place.

Step by step.

Let's overcome inertia and see that we have an impact - that our energy matters, that my attitude is a vibration that influences my surrounding ... every minute, every day.....

Lots of love to all of you