worldwomen17 - Catalysts for Change - Christine Langdon

worldwomen17 - Catalysts for Change - Christine Langdon

by Chris Woodwiss
Post date: 22 November, 2017

Continuing our series, Catalysts for Change, we share the stories of women who attended worldwomen17 and whose lives have changed significantly since the conference in March 2017.  We explore how it inspired and motivated them to be a catalyst for change, which was exactly the outcome we were hoping for. 

Here Christine Langdon talks about worldwomen17 and her journey since which has led her to become Co-founder and Chief of Good at The Good Registry - revolutionising giving for simplicity, social good and zero waste.  We wish her luck for the launch this week.


worldwomen17 - Catalysts for Change - Christine Langdon  


Question - How did you hear about worldwomen17 and what made you decide to attend the conference?

I was working at Z Energy at the time and Z made the offer to a large number of its female leaders to support us to attend. It felt like a wonderful opportunity to spend a weekend in the company of great women, to hear some inspiring speakers and have time to reflect personally on the things that matter to me and to other women - the wonderful women that I worked with at Z, and women more generally. 


Question - What were your stand-out moments and an ‘aha’ moment over the 3 days?

The ‘aha' for me was that we really do all have the potential to be the change that we want to see in the world — and if we’re not doing that now, who or what are we waiting for?  The moment that stands out for me the most, and that I have talked with others about the most, was the final call to action / interactive exercise to commit to something without knowing what it was, and to stay open to new ways of doing it as door after door closed — i.e. the challenge to get from one side of the stage to the other in a way that no-one else had done before. I was close to the back of the line and it was a great lesson that others will always have the same idea as you, and doors will close, but there will always be another door to open when you stay committed to the end goal. 


Question - How has your life changed since worldwomen17?

I left inspired to do what mattered to me and not keep waiting for the right time or opportunity but to commit without knowing how. So I left my job, knowing only that I wanted to create a venture of my own, and to do social good - and that I would work out what and how after I had left work and created that space for myself.  Now, less than six months after leaving work, I am launching a new social enterprise, The Good Registry. We went from having a good idea to being ready to launch a website and having more than 40 charities on board in just three months.  


Question - What is one thing you would like to share with others also attended worldwomen17?

We all have something unique to contribute, and it's both our right and our responsibility to breathe life into that.  Don’t overthink it. Just do it. And don’t be afraid to fail. One of the quotes I carry with me from the weekend is “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”


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