worldwomen17 follow up

worldwomen17 follow up

Post date: 02 May, 2017


Greetings – Kia ora koutou

Thank you for joining us for an amazing weekend at worldwomen17.  Seeing so many women connecting, laughing, dancing and crying was something very special. We really appreciate the lovely feedback you have given - we are incredibly humbled by all your praise and love!

Our intention was to invite women as speakers who are changing the world through their initiatives. Their examples showed us that you do not have to be an achiever but an activator, following your "great hunger" as Dr Tererai Trent so wonderfully put it. 

The main point we wanted everyone to walk away from worldwomen17 understanding is: everybody can change small things and therefore make the world a better place.

So far we can report many wonderful outcomes from worldwomen17 including:

  • Denise’s Cambodia Charitable Trust - 10 girls and 2 university students sponsored, 9 bikes, 4 school uniforms, 3 Days For Girls sanitary kits and volunteers to help sewing, 15 libraries (or preschool classrooms).  Denise is so grateful of the support shown at worldwomen17.  If you know of anyone wanting to donate please point them to this link
  • Vicki has reported that by yesterday 260 New Zealand women have signed up to be activators for the SheEO initiative in New Zealand.  Many women want to support the movement which has begun and many new wonderful contacts have been made.  Fantastic!  If you wish to become an activator, or know someone who does, follow this link to receive updates on the growth of SheEO and to get notification once the portal opens for you to officially become an Activator in New Zealand.

As you heard, Dr Tererai Trent believes women’s empowerment is achieved when women are able to provide for themselves, their families and even their communities. One of Tererai Trent International’s goals is to place resources, skills and technology into the hands of women, so they can create sustainable income streams that are dependable. To do this Tererai has the TTI Jewellery and beadwork project (the Artisan Centre) in development and we will update you on how you can support that within the next month.

Today if you would like to donate and support Tererai in her ongoing work educating women and children in rural Zimbabwe you can do so via this link

$US150 - provides 5 primary school girls with school supplies for one year (Books, pens, pencils, school uniform)

$US300 - provides 5 high school girls with school supplies for one year (Books, pens, pencils, school uniform) 

So, as we go about our daily lives let’s start with the simple easy things … shopping decisions that support local business, smiling at somebody who is serving us food in a restaurant, encouraging friends to follow their dreams, standing up for our own rights and tuning into our bodies in order to feel dis-ease with situations. We are all connected so how can we be happy if others are suffering or have had their rights diminished?

At this moment in time we will pause to catch our breath and see where this momentum is taking us. So please stay connected with us via Facebook (our private worldwomen17 group), Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, our website and through this newsletter (please share with others who may not have subscribed yet). 

In the near future we will refresh our website and you will find links connecting you with contents of the various workshops or websites of our worldwomen17 speakers. Barbara is in the process of doing video tutorials from her workshop and we will put these on our private Facebook page and YouTube and notify you when they are ready.

Some of you have asked for a link to Dr Neha's Five Levels of Agreement, it is

We look forward to staying connected with you to remain inspired – individually and collectively so we can to create meaningful change in the world.

This is a beginning ...

All the best - Nā mātou

Barbara Gabler, Theresa Gattung, Chris Woodwiss, Lindy Nelson