Be More – body intelligence for leadership, health and joy.

Be More – body intelligence for leadership, health and joy.

Collaboration/engagement /empathy/ listening are the new requirements for leadership.

These are skills that come more naturally to women - and body listening and intelligence is a pathway to fully capitalise on our innate gifts.

Body intelligence is also personal health and joy

Listening to our body is not only about avoiding future illness. It is about vitality and wellness, about being able to choose the life we want. Body Symptoms are not only our bodies trying to tell us what they need. They uncover other problems as well, like emotional problems, which are hidden in the unconscious.   Our body connects us to the Earth, grounds us to the resource where our life-support is coming from. Today we are living in a world that has never been more removed from our basic needs. We can sit at a desk, on the computer, in a room without interpersonal contacts and moving for an entire day. We can take all sorts of drugs to help us either wake or sleep whenever our minds want it, ignoring natural rhythm of our bodies and still survive. This 21st century lifestyle causes a lot of individual problems but the lack of body intelligence is making us sick as a society as well as individuals.

In this brief workshop Barbara will give you some simple tools that will help you connect with your body intelligence, integrate this wonderful tool more into your life but also help “clear the slate” of your inner brain chatter,  which mostly consists of recurring negative thought patterns, that cause dis-ease over the time. 

Barbara Gabler

Much sought after practitioner, teacher and speaker in the ground breaking work around intuitive healing.