Confidence - your time to shine

Confidence - your time to shine

Confidence.  Some have it, others wish for it.  In a world where women can now ”do anything”, a lack of confidence can hold us back. Instead, what sits inside us is self-doubt and a feeling that we are imposters.

In this workshop, together we’ll explore how to unlock your true inner confidence – the type that doesn't shatter under pressure like veneer but rather weathers the storm to reveal our best self.  We’ll look at the science behind it, how our thinking gets in the way, share simple steps to grow your own confidence and support others to unlock theirs.

We’ll definitely have some laughs and I’ll share some personal stories.  We’ll talk about what I’ve observed in working with women to build their confidence, shifting them from wanting to shine, past their self-doubt, to become their true glorious selves, ready for anything.   

This workshop is for any woman who has ever experienced  some self doubt, who wants to grow, understand confidence better or wants to know how to support others. 

Lindy Nelson

Founder Agri-Women's Development Trust, Speaker, Writer