For Profit For Good

by Theresa Gattung
Not long ago the Managing Partner of one of the big four accounting firms said to me that equally as they are assessing accounting graduates and interviewing them to join their firm, so too they are being assessed by those graduates as to where they want to work. A very common theme in that assessment is what as a company they do in the community. Last week I was at a business breakfast hosted by Ocean Design all about values in action in medium sized companies ie entrepreneurs who own these businesses and whose money it is. A few days...

Love and hope

by Barbara Gabler
Dear all Yesterday I read a quote that deeply resonated with me: Svetlana Alexievitch was the author - the Nobel laureate of 2015: "I believe that humanity can only survive through compassion." "All that we know about Women is best described by the word "compassion". There are other words too - sister, wife, friend and, the noblest of all, mother. But isn't compassion a part of all these concepts, their very substance, their purpose and their ultimate meaning? A woman is the giver of life, she safeguards life, so "Woman" and "life" are synonyms." I read on about her -...

The human right for everybody to feel safe

by Barbara Gabler
Dear All Sometimes listening to the news makes me feel sad, even hopeless. I realise that people, especially young men who don't feel grounded and safe, who have no place where they belong to, whose root chakra might be traumatised - inadvertently get to the crown chakra - the demon of which is religious extremism and the rage against people who are disbelievers ... etc. So I focus on the human right for everybody to feel safe, to have a place where he/she belongs to. The work of the Cambodian Charitable Trust helps children, especially girls, to feel safe and...


by Barbara Gabler
Dear All As it is I am getting tired reporting about the self-destructive tendencies in Europe and in my home country Austria. It becomes overwhelming and staying positive and trusting is a daily challenge. Therefore I consciously look on the bright side of life. I look at the beauty of nature. I walk outside and stand in silence - breathing in the scents of the fields, hay and the forest after a summer rain. The lime trees (Linden trees) in front of our house are in full blossom and millions of bees (!!!) are eagerly collecting pollen and honey. I...

Connect with the energy of love

by Barbara Gabler
Dear All Being a born and bred European I have come to love the idea of the European Union - I think of it as a big family (that can have issues, of course) but I saw it as a unit who wants to tackle problems together, carry some weak members along until they are fit to run again and which stands for tolerance, human rights, anti-war, free business etc ... I enjoy crossing borders without showing a passport, especially at borders that threatened me during my youth; Hungary, The Czech Republic, etc. It is such an enrichment to be...

"My Dream Can" Program

by Dr Tererai Trent
With the vision to inspire diverse populations of children across the globe to dare to dream big, Dr. Tererai Trent has launched the “My Dream Can” Educational Program to promote literacy as well as social and emotional development in school children. Dr. Trent believes every student deserves to learn deeply, and as educators, we can support whole systems to transform learning by supporting the emotional and physical needs of a child, inspiring them to want to learn, make a positive impact and grasp opportunities that will lead to their success. Read Dr Trent's full blog of 16 July 2016

What do you do when you visit Cambodia?

by Cambodia Charitable Trust
We’re going back to Cambodia in a couple of weeks. Lots of people ask us ‘What do you actually do when you visit Cambodia?’ Well, its really hard to describe, but this time one of the many things we’re doing is attending a ‘Teaching workshop”. One of the very successful programmes our team in Cambodia has developed is a programme of monthly teaching workshops for developing teachers' skills. These workshops have proved to be very successful. So much so that School Directors from both supported and unsupported schools and staff from the District and Provincial Offices of the Ministry of...